The Tua Line

Photography Exhibition


Casa-Museu Mauricio Penha
Sanfins do Douro - Alijó

July, 24 - September, 30 2010
Opening Saturday July 24th 2010 From 17:00 À 20:00

20 platinum / palladium Photographs


A threatened centennial train line

It is in the Portuguese Alto Douro Wine Region now recognized World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO,
halfway between the Spanish-Portuguese border and the Atlantic Ocean, where lies the valley of Tua.

Very collected and wild, this valley is dominated by a magnificent historic railway: The Tua Line.


Previously, one of the largest in the Upper Douro, the railway runs close about 50 km on the river Tua.
Impressive work of engineering, it is with dynamite that engineers from the late 19th century have paved
a path through the crags. At the station of the picturesque village of Foz-Tua the Tua Line joins another
railway line crossing the North of Portugal, the Douro Line.


The river, dotted with rocks and narrow gorges, offers splendid prospects
yet untamed rapids, some say it is one of the last still fully wild rivers in Europe.


The Tua valley, whose fauna and flora are also still largely intact, is however threatened by a dam project
supported by the Portuguese government. A project that would drown and condemn the Tua Line, one of the
most beautiful railways in Europe. Civil society mobilizes to protect this natural heritage, but local mobilization alone will not suffice.


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