José Miguel Ferreira
Geneva - Switzerland
+ 41 76 472 09 15
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José Miguel Ferreira b. 1972, Angola.

José Miguel Ferreira started his experimentations with photography in his early teenage years. In 2002, after a long career in computer consulting, Ferreira was able to devote himself full-time to photography and alternative processes. Working in large-format and mostly with landscape views, he has produced over 15 portfolios to date. His very personal and lyrical interpretation of the mature and settled European landscape displays the delicate balance between nature and man. As Ferreira’s works evolved he turned to the uniquely challenging but rewarding techniques of platinum/palladium in order to be able to adequately render these sublime views with fitting detail and richness. Whilst he appreciates the opportunities offered by new technology he prefers the hands-on process of alternative, non-silver and a direct physical contact with traditional materials. Ferreira is also the founder and president of "association muse9 - art and science", an entity that supports artists and raises awareness of environmental issues. His works are in private collections and institutions on five continents.
José Miguel Ferreira lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

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